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FESTIVALS OBSERVED IN MATHUR&                                  -^
25.    Kd r tik Sudi— Bhobi-maraa Lila.    Reid near the Brinda-ban gat© to
commemorate Krishna's spoliation of Kansa's washerman...       '
26.    Kdrtik Sudi 8.—Gocbaran, or pasturing the cattle.., Held in the
evening at the Gopal Bagh on the Agra Boad.
27.    Kdrtik Sudi 9.—Akhay-Nayami.    The second great pesambnlation of
the city, beginning immediately after midnight.
28.    Kdrtik Sudi 10.—Kans badh ka inela, at the Baagesvar MaMdeva
Towards evening, a large wicker figure of Kans is brought out on to the road?
when two boys, dressed to represent Krishna and Baladeva, and mounted either
on horses or an elephant, give the signal,  with the staves all wreathed with,
lowers that they have ia their hands, for an assault upon the mansteir*
In. a few minutes it is torn to. shreds and" tatters by the Chambes and a proces-
sion is then made to the Visrant GMt.
22.    Kdrtik Sudi 11.—Deottban.    The awakening of ihe god from Ms fomr
months^ slumber.    A similar perambulation- as on Asarh Sudi 11.
Magh {January—February).
30.    Magh Sudi 5.—Basant PanchamL   The return of spring;
ing to the English May-day.
Phdlgun (Ffferttaty—Jlarcl).
31   Phalgun full moon*—Tne Holi^ or Indian satdrnalia*
Cheat- badi {MarA 15—30i
32»    Clioit Bauli 1.—GatheFing at the temple of Kessiw Dew.
S3.    Chait Badi 5.—Phffl-doL   Pxooesaons \rith flowers and music ml
dancing.                                                                                       •   .